First two down!

Veganhunter posted 17 hours ago

Work in Progress... Feel free to download the picture and draw yourself, since it will probably take a while otherwise.

Nythendra Kill

And here are some low quality kill shot pictures:

The Emerald Nightmare releases next week!

All raiders need to sign up to our Thursday & Sunday Heroic Raids on website calander.

Mythic+ Dungeons also release this week and on mondays Mythic+ groups will be formed to help everyone get as high as they can.

If you cannot attend the raids, then sign as not attending and leave a comment for your reason.
With Mythic+ groups if you cannot attend the monday then contact the officer of your group or any other officer if you can't get hold of them.

This is also a good time for new recruits to read up on our General Rules for Raiders to help you get an understanding of things will go.

Mythic Groups

Dotalltrump posted Aug 23, 16

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